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Robots will now provide solution to the problems of UAE. These automated machines are the result of human efforts which has proven there is nothing like impossible. Now the employees from government and private sector will receive their work training from an Artificial Intelligent which is a Robot. These robots are designed to make life easier of their residents by helping them with multiple things.

Artificial intelligence (Al) will be whole human generated lab which is launched on Monday by Smart Dubai office which is going to train a batch of 200 employees in the coming month. Dr Aisha bint Butti bin Bishr, Director-General of Smart Dubai Office told “To move towards the future, we have to redefine government and embed AI in our services. We have no choice but to embrace technology, we want to replace call centres and help parents choose schools for their children using cognitive computing.”

“To look at how we can integrate AI into government services and city experiences” said Wesam Lootah, CEO of SDG, the technology arm of Smart Dubai Office. Adding to his statement he said “Unlike humans, machines can surf through hundreds of journals in a minute, be consistent across activities and avoid making mistakes”.

This technology will ensure maximum number of jobs in the adjoining years. “Intelligent robots won’t handle specific human relation interaction, but will become a tool in serving and supporting the human being. Therefore, it isn’t very effective for us as governments and colleagues to think that robots will be stealing our jobs,” said Raford, another member of the proud office.