UAE is a region which keeps on amazing its residents and visitors with its unique creations and never to forget monuments. The country is considered as one of the most preferred destination for a luxurious vacation from last few years and that is the possible reasons that it is one of the most visited tourist country. The region keeps their tourist and citizens on first priority when it comes to their preferences and safety. When a tourist arrives in their region then the thing which they look first in their list is a comfortable stay and a good food. UAE has many Restaurants which are serving their clients with finger licking food and world’s best service. Top 10 Restaurants in UAE served cuisine inspired from all around the world. UAE does not have its own list of food or cuisine therefore the region hired chiefs from different countries to make the best in every sector.

There are restaurants serving virtually every national cuisine which are famous in their respective countries, including many specializing in UAE’s Arabic delights. Every famous restaurant chains have their prestigious publications in this region because of the growing tourist rate of the country. Dubai holds some of the most iconic restaurants of the region which will surprise you with their ambience and services as everything which assembles here is when you think out of the box. When you make your list for Things to do in Dubai, then these restaurants are not worth missing.

Each restaurant featured here is not just a simple place to sit and eat, but a destination for stunning décor, amazing views and unforgettable culinary experience. The region owns so many excellent haunts of restaurants that it becomes difficult and is unfair to judge single a sole one out. From spicy grilled dishes to saliva dropping desserts, these restaurants are regarded as finest dine places in the entire world. These restaurants do not only satisfy your tongue but also provide you with a luxurious experience because of their crafted walls and marvelous interiors. It will always be a treat to your tongue to try any of the dishes from the UAE Top Restaurants.