Luxury Hotels Dubai, UAE

Dubai has earned the unprecedented reputation of a de facto tourist paradise; behind this remarkable success is a thriving hotel industry which acts as a magnet for tourists from all over the globe. With more than 550 hotels and over 137,000 rooms, Dubai arguably is one of the top spots for globetrotters and visitors.

Gigantic amalgamated concrete and glass structures, breathtaking views, underwater suites, double story deluxe suites connected through royal marble foyer and gold plated taps are few things that are not found anywhere else in the world apart from the futuristic city of Dubai; a place that literally drips opulence.

Burj Al Arab is the crown jewel of Arabian Gulf; emerging from sea depth soaring towards skies, this arguably is the most luxurious, opulent and extravagant hotel, literally one of its kind on the entire planet. Only seven star hotel in the world, spectacular and majestic, a quintessential combination of authenticity and exceptionablity, a live marvel of modern technology and architecture providing a lifetime experience to it residents through its sublime fountains, marble staircases, astounding balcony views, multiple story deluxe suites; it is a grandeur experience that cannot be explained in words.