Top Hotels UAE

UAE is currently minting more than 8 billion US dollars only from its impeccable hotel industry and thus the industry is not only flourishing and thriving but is also playing a pivotal role in country’s economy. Hotels in UAE and especially those of Dubai and Abu Dhabi are a class apart; visitors are treated like royal pilgrims in a holy city; which perhaps remains the principal reason behind the whooping 80% occupancy in hotels throughout the year, a threshold that was previously thought untouchable but the hotel industry in UAE has once again outdone itself, not only this but in peak season the occupancy rate catapults to 96%, which is simply phenomenal even by the outrageous standards of UAE.

This desert turned fantasy oasis is now situated in the middle of Gulf gold rush; sightseers and travelers flock UAE all year long. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two main cities which attract visitors and hotel industry in both cities is currently thriving at a spectacular annual rate of 10%. Endless possibilities countless opportunities await investors and business personals.