Abu Dhabi has recently emerged as a major restaurant paradise for foodies in the region, number of options ranging from Thai, Italian, Chinese and Mediterranean are available to the visitors and tourists, desert ambiance is offered by some leading restaurants which helps in seeping the entire nomad experience. Sea food has long been the specialty of Abu Dhabi and many leading eateries are currently offering freshly caught fish and crabs to their esteemed customers. Long list of sea food includes multiple dishes of prawns, fish, giant lobsters and crabs.

AbuDhabi is no less than a haven for food lovers, the raw aroma of food is enough to make you dribble for food. It truly is a must visit for its lavish and themed restaurants which serve heavenly food, if you are craving for some amazing delicious food, and especially a studded seven course meal with awesome starters and show stopper deserts then this is the place. Food in Abu Dhabi is a notch higher than any place in the world, firstly you are simply overwhelmed by countless options but once you catch your breath back the entire fine dining or café experience becomes a life time experience.