The 10 Best Restaurants in Dubai, UAE

10 best restaurants dubai

UAE becomes a dining hub with many local and international restaurants. All restaurants offering the best when it comes to food quality, ambience, menu and customer service, it can be quite difficult to choose one from the top 10 restaurants in UAE.

Blue Elephant:
c Paolo Rossetti

Blue Elephant is one of the Dubai finest Thai restaurants, this place features a tranquil waterfall, exotic flowers and greenery, stained wood accents which creates the illusion that you are in some old-world Southeast Asian village. The Royal Thai cuisine includes herbs, spices which imported from Thailand.

AL Mahara:
AL Mahara

Al Mahara is not a just standard seafood restaurant, it provides you submarine dining ambience that is an amazing experience. The fish on your plate is as fresh as that swimming in the stunning aquarium in this signature restaurant, which serves western seafood with a Chinese touch.

La Baie:
La Baie

La Baie famous for seafood, the indoor and outdoor terrace is an idyllic spot in winter which offers the perfect setting along the coast of the Arabian Gulf for socializing and chilling out with friends.

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar:
Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

This Gordon Ramsay restaurant has built up a great reputation in UAE. The emphasis on quality of food rather than quantity, it is the place to experience some unique flavours – offers Ramsay signatures dishes such as Lobster Mac n Cheese, Tuna Tartare and more.

Zheng He’s:
Zheng He’s

Zheng He’s is one of finest Chinese restaurants in the town. Softly lit and quiet, guests can peacefully enjoy the Chinese cuisine while looking onto the abra boasts which pass and listening to the soft sounds of the water.


AL Muntaha:

AL Muntaha 1

Al Muntaha is specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, has a sophisticated atmosphere, with prices to match the superior location. It offers you unique and perfectly balanced custom-made cocktail.


VU offers mouthwatering French and Italian cuisines, enjoy classy French combined with Italian fine dining, with menu delights including roasted pigeon and tender lamb. As befits its magnificent location, expect to pay more than you would at your local café.


Shabestan chefs provide unique flavours that they won’t disclose to anyone. These Persian delights include the slow-cooked lamb and rice and chello kebab, while yoghurt is a base ingredient for many dishes.


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Namu is famous for Asian cuisines, includes both Japanese and Korean cuisines, The service is full of spirit, awareness and knowledge and the floor to ceiling glass windows make for impressive views over Dubai new canal.