UAE top hotels,

Burj al arab hotel is belongs to top hotels in Dubai and is world’s most luxurious hotel sometimes media also refer to the 7 star rating to this hotel which is officially not exists only because of its world class hospitality in middle east region.

Shores of Jumeirah beach give the additional artistic beauty to the hotel which is surely eye catching for each and every one who visits Dubai for the very first time. These suites attained the flamboyant image for every tourist who book these suites for their stay in Dubai most of the international celebrities book only Burj al arab suites for their Dubai Trip.

This hotel is special also due to its presence on the shore of Arabian Gulf water which is covered by sand beaches that gives the perfect place for water activities and sports. By following these activities you will get rejuvenate your mind and body with full of memorable enjoyment. You can also work out in its international gymnasium which will provide the entire facility to work out and sweating for achieving your perfect body structure.

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