Top 10 Designer Jewelry dubai

Louis-François Cartier founded his company in 1847. After inheriting the workshop where he used to work, he started designing jewelry for the rich and well to do in the capitol of style and luxury Paris. The company expanded with his son Alfred Cartier and his three son’s Jacque, Pierre and Louis Francois.

Soon Cartier was known for its quality and exquisite designs. Due to the ever growing number of customers from all over the world Cartier relocated his company to different locations over Paris. Making sure he was in the right place, since location was very important for his customers.

Customers of Cartier were Kings and Queens, Maharajas, Industrialists and established Hollywood actresses. With these Royal contacts came the title “The Jewelers of Kings”. This gives him the opportunity to design and create the most elusive and exclusive jewelry which was ever made.

They chose to highlight the Cartier Halo Tiara. Originally purchased in 1936 by King George VI this is also known as “The stuttering King” from the film “The Kings Speech”. Since then it has been borrowed and worn by many different members of the royal family. The most recent royal appearance was with the wedding of Prince William and Princes Kate.