Dubai Shopping Festival 2017- 2018


The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the biggest shopping festivals around the world. The festival organizes by the government of Dubai every year. It is the 23rd shopping festival that will be celebrated from 26 December 2017 to 27 January 2018.


DSF 2017-2018 offers a lot of entertainment events entertainment events and activity programs for visitors. There are numerous programs organizes for the different section of people. Festival offers incredible discounts and retail competitions, other major attraction for tourists is music concerts, street performers, fashion shows, film festivals, cultural events and more fill the city centre streets and malls. Family entertainment is big business during shopping season with a host of attractions popping up in Dubai’s parks including a mini fun fair, World of Ice, Flower Garden, helicopter tours, spaceship, Spiderman zone, remote control boats and much more.


Thousands of retail outlets reduce their prices by up to 75 percent and much more travel to the city to set up stalls and trade their goods. Visitors will find everything from electrical goods and clothes to jewellery and cars but also can participate in many activities that are organized by the government. Film festivals, special events for youngsters, street plays, night fireworks, International fashion shows, and many others are some of the cultural and entertainment programs that are specially organized for visitors.


Apart from entertainment programs this festival also plays a vital part in the development of tourism in Dubai. It also boosts the economic condition of the country. Millions of tourists are increasing every year and its successfully providing a platform for international talents to exhibit their skills. Not only that the tourist also gets an opportunity to feel the luxury and culture of the country.