Emirates Is The Best Airline Around The World

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Flying is not the pleasant experience for all the travelers – standing in a long queue for security check, crowd at terminals and of course seating in a creamed seat with limited recline, listening to flight attendants instructing you to push your seat back upright, stow tray table and turn off your in-flight entertainment, therefore some of the travelers want comfort way to fly. Well, there is a comfort and luxurious flying option is available in top 10 airlines in UAE which we are sharing below.

Luxurious Experience in First-class apartment:


Emirates airlines Founded in 1985 and situated in Dubai, is the most luxurious carrier in the world. It is one of the major airlines both by passengers carried and by revenue. It is the best airlines which provide one of the luxurious first-class apartments in the world.


Best airline seats uae

The most important aspect of flying is a comfortable seat. Forget the cramped and uncomfortable seat in economic class, since Emirates first class is configured with only four suites per row while economic cabin usually configured the 10-across seating arrangement. Equipped with shoulder-height privacy doors that can easily be used to block out other interfering first class passengers, making it feel like you truly have your own private room in the sky


uae airlineTablet

In flight, you can even electronically control the privacy doors from a tablet at your seat, so you don’t need to put on the slipper, get up and shut the door manually and this the one of best feature available in flight.


uae airline bed

If you want to fly like an Arab sheikh then emirates are the only choice for you, they have provided impeccably designed with rich gold plating, plenty of bling and even a small table lamp on the console of your suite. Again tablet allows you to turn your seat into a fully flat bed with a 180-degree recline.

Food:uae best airline Food

When it comes to airline food, some of us would say they enjoy pre-cooked meals served on plastic trays. But for international flying, it’s a different story. Flight offers meals like you would find in any lavish restaurant, caviar and Arabic mezze are staples of the flight menu. You won’t find prices or any number signs listed beside the menu descriptions either because everything is complimentary in first class.

Onboard Lounge:

Onboard Lounge

Lounge situated on the upper deck with traditional bar experience. Onboard lounges facilities include sans piano player and cigarette smoke with extensive seating, elegant lighting, and a horseshoe-shaped bar to allow for passengers to mingle.