The great rulers of Dubai have planned a safe future for the city by introducing 25% of the robotic cops by 2030. They have also shown one as an example that how the robots will deal with the humans in future. Dubai police conducted interviews at careers UAE which is running at Dubai World Trade Centre. The interviews were conducted by the robots which attracted many of the citizens present at the premises. Name of this robot is Saeed Al Farhan. Dubai police has announced earlier that they are going to hire 146 new vacancies from which they have recruited 23 on the very first day. The priorities will be first shared with the martyr’s children and then by the one who have completed their national services.

Dubai police hopes that this artificial intelligence will cut the cost and time used for hiring new candidates and will also reduce the rate of mysterious and unknown crime committed in the city. “The entire interview can be held without the need to speak to a human being. The robot Saeed Al Farhan can hold the interview. The robot can even interview blind or special needs candidates. Of course, a team will be ready to help if required,” said Brigadier Al Razooqi, General Director of smart services at Dubai police.

The interview was a standing interview and the candidates queued up in front of the talking robot which gets wind up in few minutes. “We are still receiving many applications and many young Emirates males and females are coming up to the Dubai Police platform” said General Ahmad Mohammad Rafei, Director of Human Resource Department in Dubai Police.