Little Haven Nursery, A Place That Kids Love

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Due to the intense hectic and busy schedule, parents don’t find sufficient time to spend with their young ones. A day nursery is a place that nurtures the kids with the care and protection they require in the early stage of their lives. In the context of United Arab Emirates, Nurseries in Abu Dhabi have done and are still doing some remarkable job in this area.

As everyone knows, UAE has a very little percentage of actual Emiratis and hosts a large population of outsiders. Most of them are business persons and employees and need someone to look after their children in their absence. One of the best options for this purpose is Little Haven Nursery. Located at Al Karamah, it is a place that most of the people choose for their kids. For years, Little Haven has been treating the little ones with best parental care. The staff here is well trained in giving them a homely environment which allows the child to get familiar with his/her attendant.

Children, when brought here for the first time, are around one year or younger. At this time, it is important for parents to find someone reliable to take responsibility of their most precious possessions. Besides that, a child’s brain began to develop and their learning process gets started. Little Haven is a Play School in Abu Dhabi which is built with a vision to promote learning through fun and entertainment. Children are provided with different toys and creative puzzles to develop their mind. On the other hand, outdoor playground is set up to organize games that involve physical exercise.

To keep them healthy, Nursery has an in-house kitchen that prepares nutritious, tasty and fresh food every day. People at Little Haven have managed to create a loving, caring and safe environment for the little ones.

In all, Little Haven Nursery has everything which ensures your children’s development, learning and safety when you are not around them.