Why UAE Logistics service Companies Needs Social Media

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Whether you know it or not, your logistics company has and social media is a key marketing platform for expanding business and making customers.
Now a day in Dubai every logistics company needs to understand that Twitter is NOT only for some celebrity to tell the world where they travel or what they ate for dinner today. It is a way to connect and interact with their audience. Think about what they are actually doing, they are actually expanding their personal brand among their core audience, and if they do it right they are attracting new audiences who will get in line when their next movie comes out. These are the results many companies in UAE uses Twitter to achieve in its own way.
The main opportunity and the challenge of social media for UAE logistics services companies are to find where your target audience is online. It is definitely not advisable to Tweet or spend time creating a Facebook account online if there will be no one there to see it. Using social media is an investment of cost and time. The community and followers does not happen rapidly but the rewards can be significant if done correctly. Whether you are a logistics service company or a truckload carrier, your customers must be somewhere in an online community.
The key to building this following is to create interest of your brand through content or services that encourage people to engage. This can be educational content, tools or it can just be funny or attractive activities that people develop an interest in. Some survey states that engaged customers are loyal customers and getting customers to interact with you because they want to be winning the hardest part of that battle.