Top 10 Hotels

UAE holds the record in many aspects being owning world’s tallest building, most beautiful architecture, amazing man made artificial islands and most important the luxurious hotels. Hotels of UAE are famous world-wide because of their breath taking architecture and ultra-luxurious services. Whenever tourists visit UAE their expectation from the region is simply top class. Top 10 hotels of UAE are considered as the best hotels of the world as from service to surroundings there is no comparison. The panoramic views of the beautiful surrounding are the perfect spot to relax your entire aura. The 5 and 7 star hotels of UAE have architecture which will leave its visitors awe inspired. Top hotels of UAE are located in the most feasible location; therefore along with the services you can also enjoy the
unforgettable views of the region.

The regal suites of these hotels will make you feel like a king or a queen as they are designed in such a manner which can only be explain with a single word, “Royal”. Most luxurious and expensive hotels of the region are Burj Al Arab and Emirates Palace. Burj Al Arab is a sail shape hotel located in Dubai is standing on an artificial island holding its era of being the best in the region. From ambience to hospitality, the hotel is the perfect example of being the best. Located in the capital of the country, the hotel is truly explaining the meaning of its name; Emirates Palace. This golden color hotel indicates the royal life style of the emirates and is a symbol of fortune and richness. Not only these top class hotels will carter you with its services and ambience but are also owning world’s best chief’s to satisfy the needs of your hunger with a different level of taste. Spas in these luxurious hotels also favor you with best beauty treatments equipped with the essentials of gold and diamond, in order to nourish you with the best in its kind. There are many 5 star hotels in the region which has created a bench mark in the entire world with the magnificent they hold.