UAE TOP Water And Beverages

Water hydration has direct links to productivity, concentration, energy levels and alertness among many other important benefits. We have therefore focused our efforts in delivering just the right range so you may stay quenched at Home or when you’re on the go. To order just call one of our professionally trained customer care agents, to make ordering easy they speak Arabic, English and Hindi. They’ll be more than happy to help you sign up to receive Mai Dubai regularly, so you stay refreshed. Try ordering through our coupon books and never worry about having the right amount of change again. Each coupon is redeemable for One 5 Gallon bottle. For special offers on our coupon books please call “800MaiDubai”

With all the activities on offer, Dubai can get you thirsty. What you need is a high quality, pure, low sodium and mineral balanced bottle of water to keep you going. What you need is Mai Dubai.

The unique red color in the corporate identity of “Mai Dubai” symbolizes vigor, vividness, happiness and prosperity. As for the design of its bottles, it was inspired by the modern nature of the Emirate of Dubai’s architectural designs.