Dubai shopping festival gives the unexpected gift to the person who is not expecting this after losing his job from a retail store in Dubai. Both of the things remain him in shocking surprises but last one ends him with happiness.


Joel Gutierrez is a Philippines national who left his home land to look after his family and for the job he landed up in UAE and work as a salesman in a retail outlet for almost 16 years. With the starting of Dubai Shopping festival which is considered in UAE top attractions everybody visit festival and Joel was also there and purchase the ticket of 200 dirham for Infiniti Mega Raffle.

This will give him the luxury SUV QX70 of Infiniti cars (that is a branded automobile in Dubai) with additional amount of 150,000 dirham in cash. This surprise helps Joel to get back to their home to Philippines where his family lives including his wife with 2 children. Now He will settle down in his country with his family and live his life there with the peace and happiness.

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