Are you ready to explore planets as days will be soon when instead of earth, existence of humans will be on mars as well. Yes you heard it right. The emirates engineers and scientists of UAE are planning to make a mini city on the red planet and the project is already announced. We can figure out how much of hard work will be required to construct such a dreamlike project as it will take 100 good years to accomplish. It is declared that the project will be completed by 2117.

Living in the universe, with planets around you sounds fictional, but as UAE always keep on proving their mind which thinks out of the box. So accomplishing this would not be a big deal.

Mars mission 2117 project is a national programme for next 100 years. The project will be equipped with all the necessities a city is required with like food, water, etc. The team engaged with the project will also work on the faster transportation service from earth to mars.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoom, vice president and prime minister of UAR and ruler of Dubai said, ’’There are no limits to human imagination that always look for scientific leaps. This century will see that our human abilities can achieve the most important human dream.’’