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First Facebook and now Mark Zuckerberg has come out with the new app called ‘’JARVIS’’. Remember the movie Iran Man which features Jarvis who control his entire home. Zuckerberg has made the concept a reality. This app will help you run your house and your daily routine in many ways like this app will wake you up and make you remind of the things you have schedule for the day. If you are confused of what to wear than this app will suggest you with the best options and will also help you make your breakfast. All what you have to do is just a command and the app will fulfill your requirement. Like if you wants the lights to get switched off than you don’t have to get up from the place you are setting, all what you need to do is just a command to Jarvis. There are a lot more things which is app function taking care of your kid, acknowledging your guests and welcoming them and a lot more. This app will live with you as a family person like the same in Iron Man.

At last, Mark Zuckerberg came out with an idea of making an artificial intelligence app that speaks with the wisdom and patience of Morgan Freeman. The App is the result of the hard work Mark Zuckerberg performed for a whole good year. Partially an internet of things melded with a changeable, celebrity-cameo Siri (Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a brief aural appearance), Zuckerberg’s home-running app Jarvis is demonstrated by the inventor himself in the link below: