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Now you can travel Al Ain from Abu Dhabi in just 8 minutes. UAE keep on working on new technologies and explore gems. Another brilliant example was seen recently when a hyperloop came into picture which take a few minutes from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Now there is another news that a hyperloop in future will be made which will take 8 minutes from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain.

Khalid Mohamed Hashim, acting executive director of Land Transport Sector at DMAT in Abu Dhabi, said: “Through this agreement with HyperloopTT, we aim to study the feasibility of developing of the first Hyperloop system, which is one of the latest and most advanced transportation technologies that is expected to reach a top speed of 1,200 kilometers per hour. We hope to take advantage of this technology to connect the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which will result in a travel time of about eight to twelve minutes.”

“The reinforcement of connectivity between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain is one of the strategic objectives Abu Dhabi, aiming to stimulate economic, social and touristic development between Al Ain and its suburbs and the capital city.”