Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is in UAE top attractions.

UAE top attractions,


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a very popular mosque in the Abu Dhabi and is open for visitors with certain time limits. This is one of the top most famous architectural structures in Abu Dhabi and it is visited by the huge number of visitors because of its structural representation of Islamic spirit.

Most of the airlines also offer their packages of Abu Dhabi by mentioning this mosque as famous visiting place or UAE top attractions. The main attraction which makes visitors to visit this place is the floor of the mosque which is covered with white Italian marble and covered its huge acres area. Beyond that, its flowery theme also attracts tourists which covered the most area with its decorative elegant colors.

Its main dome of the prayer hall contains seven chandeliers which gives the dignified beauty to the hall that fascinates everyone. The carpet used in the hall is considered as the largest carpet made by Iran based Carpet Company which covers the area of more than 60 thousand square feet. There are more than 1200 carpet makers who complete the task of this world famous carpet which decorate the beauty of the main hall floor in the mosque.