The Luxurious Hotels in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hotels in Abu Dhabi

The capital city of the United Arab Emirates is the amongst luxurious hotel. Before sometime 5 five stars were enough to under the category luxury now it seems that we need 7 star hotels. There is no official method of rating the hotels or classifying it. The only user star rating a popular method that people used to find out luxurious hospitality hotel. Abu Dhabi is the city of incredible natural beauty, architectural elegance, etc. everything is so lavish about that place.

Here some hotels which have outstanding beauty, lavishness and warm hospitality that attract the travelers from across the world. All luxury hotels offering world class modern facilities, accommodation according to the traveler’s choice.

Emirati palace – One of the city’s largest hotel conference centers with latest technologies which are ideal for travelers, the building has the stylish architecture and Emirati Palace Hotel is situated on its own beach.

Shangri la Hotel –   The shangrila hotel is one of luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi the hotel has the grand golden –white building with impressive Arabian décor architecture and entrance reflect by the swimming pool. Hotel fulfills the all luxurious need of people.

Ramada down town – Ramada down town is one of ramada group’s hotels, which is located in Abu Dhabi down town with quality facilities, offering luxury and comfortable rooms, dining with delicious food, pool, transportation for the passengers.

Qasar Al Sarab Desert Resort  – Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort By Anatara Embraces the Epic Adventure and located at Qasar al  Sarab Road. Hotel offer the facilities including swimming pool, kids club, fitness center, business center etc for your luxury holiday.

And so many Hotels located in Abu Dhabi and provide quality services by having own place in this beautiful City.

All of the hotels provide everything that the people would need; they offer butler services 24 hours a day, beauty salon, luxury spa and fitness suites, dining and comfortable rooms.