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The United Arab Emirates is the home of the living wonder Burj Khalifa and many other enormous attractions which has set bench across the nation. Top UAE Attractions such as the gigantic and historic mosques, artificial islands, sky-scraping buildings, record breaking malls as well as shopping complexes and a lot more are a massive hit in the list of Things to do in Dubai.

On visiting the beautiful region you’ll find that there’s more to the country than just skyscrapers, shopping centers and sandy shores. A visit to the observation deck with its panoramic views across Dubai is a sightseeing highlight for most tourists who visit as every where your eyes reach is an awe art of work which needs an appreciation. The never forgetting experience of the shining sand of the desert is nowhere on this land other than this region. Mention below is the list of few top attractions with a little brief on it.

Burj Khalifa

Things to do in Dubai
As we mentioned above this living wonder was just a thought before its execution. Now, it is the tallest building in the world which is beautifully architecture with the finest hands and deployed with an amazing piece of art. It has 160 stores which show par anomic views of the city from the top deck observation which is an unforgettable experience.

Burj Al Arab

Things to go in Dubai
Well we can also say this hotel as the pride of the city. You cannot take your eyes from this hotel if you are looking it for the first time. Burj al Arab at the time of its execution was the tallest hotel of the world which carter with all the luxurious amenities, one can think for a royal living.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Things to do in Dubai
If there is a perfect place to divine and worship in this region, than Sheikh Zayed Mosque is the only best choice. The place provides your mind and soul an ultimate satisfaction. The art work in every corner of this mosque beat it is the walls, carpet, floor or chandeliers is commendable with finest quotations.

The Dubai Mall

Things to do in Dubai
Coming to Dubai and not visiting the largest mall of the world can be unfair to your trip. The Dubai Mall is an ultimate place for shopping, dining and entertainment. You can take your entire family to this mall as it offers something to everyone. The mall also has the world’s largest indoor aquarium which describes the marine life of the beautiful sea of Dubai.

Palm Island

Things to do in dubai
Palm tree is common to see in the desert but this was not enough for the people of Dubai. They want that the tree should also be put its roots to the sea. Therefore the idea to a gigantic and magnificent Palm island was discovered. This artificial island was the output of the hard work driven from the engineers and workers involved in the project. At present this island owns luxurious hotels, commercial and residential apartments plus the beautiful shores to sea.

Above mentioned are just a few in numbers but the list is a never ending as the regions offers massive options to make your vacation a memorable experience.

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Facilities and glamour of this country has created a benchmark in the entire world as UAE attractions have grabbed the attention of all age groups.