UAE is a place which is well known for its ultramodern architecture and world famous attractions. Every person once in his life always plans to visit UAE as it the most favorable holiday destination of the world. Here are the lists of few legends which are must to visit while arriving in UAE. The legends are as follows:

World’s tallest Building Burj Khalifa: It is considered as one of the best man made stunning art of work. It incorporates 163 floors which took 6 good years to get inaugurated.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque: Lies in the capital of the country this beautiful piece of art is the key symbol of worship and is the largest mosque of the country.

Burl Al Arab: This only sail shape luxurious hotel of the world stands independently in the sea on an artificial island which add the glory of the city to a different landmark.

Ferrari World: An amusement park located in Abu Dhabi which will take you to the world of Ferrari with utmost adventure and thrill.

The Dubai Mall: The mall holds the record of the world’s largest mall which one cannot complete entirely on a day. It also has a giant aquarium within it which makes the visitors amazed.

There are many more examples to visit while arriving such as the ultra-luxurious Emirates Place, man- made artificial Palm Island and the glorious architecture which will make you feel like entering a futuristic world.