Abu Dhabi is a live testament of modern architecture with numerous humongous man-built mind boggling concrete and glass structures. Abu Dhabi is known for its belligerent quality to stun the world with its outrageous creativity. There are places and spaces in the country that defy extreme climate and conventional architecture. It is a dream holiday destination for everyone as it has untouched old city for history loving geeks, monstrous shopping malls for retail-therapy lovers and ‘Wild Wadi’ for adrenaline junkies.

Abu Dhabi is a futuristic city that has developed at a rapidly miraculous rate in the past decade and is now a top notch tourist destination in the Gulf region. Ferrari World remains the top attraction as it is a dream world for automobile junkies and enthusiasts, a place where history of automobile industry unfolds right in front of your eyes. Abu Dhabi is world famous for its islands and water parks, travelers and holidaymakers from all over the globe head to Abu Dhabi for its exotic beaches and fun filled water parks in summers.

Abu Dhabi is a place with endless opportunities and limitless possibilities, anything and everything is possible in Abu Dhabi, it is truly a dreamland with numerous attractions, you simply ought to find the one that attracts you the most.