Tips on Preserving Top 10 Perfumes in UAE

10 Best perfumes

UAE is the land of fragrances, as some people are fond of perfumes, they love to wear their most favorite perfumes almost every day. We are here to give some great tips to preserve their precious aromas and to take care of the health issues caused by these Top 10 perfumes. Find out what can be more important to keep yourself healthy while adoring your most favorite branded perfumes as well.

Fragrance compounds need to be protected from three major elements-Heat, Light and Oxygen. If you want an everlasting fragrance, you will have to store it properly.

Perfumes must be reserved in areas that are away from heat sources and less exposed to light. A bottle will keep its aroma quality intact for long when it’s almost full. But as soon the level goes down the oxygen mixture will alter the original fragrance.

One of the best ways to preserve your perfumes is to refrigerate them at low temperatures say in 3-7 degree Celsius. Heat can initiate a reaction with other complex compounds and alter the composition of your perfume contents. So it’s safe to keep your perfumes bottles at low temperature.

Some scent compounds can cause health problems too. Excessive use of these scents may cause some serious skin allergic problem. Substances like acetone used in many perfumes can cause allergic skin reactions or nausea.

Natural aromas made from natural resources like sandalwood, musk and Oudh can lead to species endangerment. Man-made aromas relatively more affordable and regular may result in environmental problems and asthmatic reactions in humans.