Dubai is the city of charisma and charm which offer its residents and tourist’s spectacular views and breathtaking attractions. The city is considered as one of the most favorable holiday destination with its growing tourist rate and number of world records. The persona of the city never fails to impress any of its guests, as there is something for every age and every religion. The list of things to do in Dubai is never ending as the city has enormous options which one cannot fulfill in its first visit.

top 10 things to do

The city was in talks from its growing period, but came into the picture of limelight since the introduction of the legendary building Burj Khalifa. This man made structure has amazed the minds of almost every person as it is from its launched the tallest building of the world. Well, if you see this building from front than you will hurt your neck, as it so tall to get captured in your eyes at once. Not only the height of the building is in conversation, but also the marvelous architecture and ignited minds behind this project was commendable.

The city has also recognized its name with the artificial islands, which has created a benchmark in human efforts. These artificial islands holds number of things within themselves like hotels, residential and commercial buildings. The famous Burj Al Arab and Atlantis, The Palm is also located on the artificial islands. Both the hotels are famous globally because of their remarkable architecture and luxurious amenities. Dubai is the city which has deep blue sea at one corner and shinning sands dunes at another corner.

Tourists also enjoys thrilling desert rides, as they are adventurous and one of the only in its kind. The top 10 attractions of the city are not completed without the existence of The Dubai mall. The mall itself holds number of records like world’s largest indoor skiing park, largest aquarium and maximum visitor rate. The sky crapping building of the hotels in the city is awe inspiring and the result of the hard work of engineers. Everything you look for an unforgettable stay with all the royal amenities are available in this city.