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UAE is famous for its ultra-luxurious life, world famous architecture, unforgettable man made monuments and its unique attractions. One more aspect which makes the region famous worldwide is its variety in metals and accessories. Considered as one of the world’s largest gold trading hubs, there is no doubt that UAE own some of the best gold shops in the world. When it comes to buying gold, be it bullion, bars or kilos, UAE has a plethora of gold shops where you can indulge your passion for the much sought after metal and accomplish it with utmost desire. However, as with any investment, it makes sense to proceed with caution when investing in gold, which is traditionally also, serves as an alternative of saving your money in the bank.

Therefore, in order to make an investment, it is advisable to comprise gold as part of a more diverse collection rather than investing all your money into this single asset. Since there are many options available to those wishing to buy gold in UAE, the sheer scale and variety of designs available on offer is staggering – bracelets, bangles, earrings, solitaire rings, pendants and necklaces are available in white, pink, yellow and even green gold in unimaginable designs. Top 10 Jewellery brands in UAE offer the best jewellery designs which are fine with their art work as well as blemished with royal stones. The famous Souk market of Dubai is one of the biggest locations to shop for gold with a variety dealing with almost 400 shopkeeper’s around the world. Because of the variety and too much competition among the shopkeeper’s, the prices of these metals are also affordable enough. So as gold UAE is also home for renowned brands for luxurious watches which can awe struck any viewer easily. Watches in UAE also fascinate their buyers with the priceless monuments interior in its making such as gold, silver and even different kind of diamonds. UAE TOP 10 assists you with the best Jewellery brands in UAE which are not worth missing if planning to buy gold in UAE.

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Top 10 Watch Brands in UAE