Study with Top Universities in UAE to Build Your Career in Chosen Field


Apart from shopping hub and architectural attraction, another striking feature of Dubai is the broad study options it provides to those seeking higher education. Dubai has a best educational institution for each and every field.

One of the best things about the top universities in UAE is the exposure that the students receive. The academic year of universities in Dubai, especially those run by the government have a trimester system. The first semester begins in September and ends in December, the second semester is from January to March and the third semester is from April to June. The month of Ramadan is usually the time for vacations in the colleges of Dubai.

There are some universities in Dubai that run according to the American academic system.  These universities aim at providing their students with knowledge as well as practical experience in a healthy learning environment. They provide their students with outstanding facilities, quality degree programs, highly qualified faculty, advance services for leaning and much more.

Dubai University provides an opportunity for students to excel in the fields of Medical, Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Computers, Marketing, Business Management and Finance sectors. The universities offer courses like Bachelor of Business Administration, majors in Travel & Tourism Management, Information Systems, International Business and Marketing and Master of Business Administration Program, with emphasis on Marketing and Finance and more.

Many students from all over the world came to Dubai for higher education as the quality of education imparted here is believed to be superior. The colleges of Dubai take an even possible step to ensure that their students are imparted with the best theory knowledge and at the same time are given an experience of the practical world.