World class Dubai shopping malls


One of the most popular reasons for planning a trip to Dubai is reputation as a shopper’s paradise. The entire Emirates dotted with malls and another reason is that almost everything that you can buy here is heavily discounted. The reason behind the reduced prices is course the fact that the United Arab Emirates has no duty on any of the goods sold or bought in its area. As a part of this cause, almost everything that you buy here is at a generally cheaper price. Hence, whether you are shopping for gold or for electronics, the malls of UAE are sure to spoil you for choice, while definitely it puts a smile on your face as well as your budget. Some Dubai shopping malls host world-class attractions. With an indoor aquarium, in fact they are more than just a location for shopping. It is offer more of tourist attractions, like most of the shopping malls of the city actually are. Whether you want to shop for clothing or jewelry, almost all the major brands of the world can be found here including several grocery outlets as well. Some famous malls are the Dubai mall, the mall of the Emirates, the Wafi city and many more, these malls are tourist favorite place for shopping. These malls have world best architectural pattern, over 520 major brands and finest coffee shop and restaurants. Dubai shopping malls are perfect blend of class and glamour, must visit if you love shopping.