best towers in Dubai

Dubai is the landmark of ultramodern Burj Khalifa which holds the record of being the tallest and the most favorable attraction throughout the world. The spectacular vision and the unique architecture of the city has always set a benchmark in the world and holding this record the city is all set to launch their first rotating apartments by 2020. Yes, you heard it right. Another fascinating structure which is added to the glory of the city rotates 3600 which is controlled by the command, therefore one can choose to rotate or can control the speed and can also stop. The Dynamic towers which are also called Dubai’s rotating Skyscrapers is the project launched by a construction company “Dynamic Architecture”. David Fisher an Israel-born architect commenced the project. These Dynamic towers are self-powered building that generates electricity with wind turbines and solar arrays.

David Fisher, the lead architect behind Dynamic Tower, said;

The Dynamic Tower is introducing a fourth dimension to architecture. Using independently rotating floors, the building’s shape evolves with time, changing direction from sunrise to sunset to reflect modern dynamic living and creating a unique, evolving architectural landmark.

The tower will include luxury apartments, villas and hotels which can adjust their rotating location, therefore they can choose whether to face the city or enjoy the sunrise and sunset by facing through the sea. Each apartment in this tower will cost $30 million. This vision clearly demonstrates the modern living of the city.