Top Hotels in UAE

Hotels in the UAE are considered to be the world's best which also have exceptional occupancy rates. The sky scraping buildings of the UAE hotels will inspire visitors with panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. 

The 5-star hotels in UAE have architecture that leaves its visitors awe aspired: The concrete patterns, the intricate carvings on the roofs and walls, the wood furnishings, paintings which fill the hallways and corridors are a treat for the soul of the art lovers.

Their regal suites make their visitors feel presidential like a king or queen in their castle. Each suite is equipped with only the best services which includes a mini bar, balcony view of the city and minute details like hair dryers in the washrooms to ensure comfort of guests.  

The top hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are also said to be 7-star due to the magnificence they hold. These hotels are located in the most feasible locations; the UAE best Hotels are just few miles away from the largest Shopping Centres, imagine a vacation in one of the top 10 hotels in UAE which ensure the experience of a lifetime, and make your stay nothing but 'pure royalty'.

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