Residential Towers in UAE

Outrageous and ambitious designs, regal comfort, personal infinity pools and state of the art fitness centers are few of the notable and worth mentioning features of UAE Top 10 Residential Towers. Standard of living has improved rapidly in the past few years and these lavish residential towers have played a vital role in uplifting the living standard of UAE population.

Long gone are those days when people used to prefer spacious houses, today people are spending ridiculous amounts on exuberant penthouses, main reason behind this paradigm shift is the luxurious convenience. These residential towers  are located at premium locations, which makes them more exclusive. 

UAE contemporary themed residential towers are in high demand in real estate market. Cushioned hardware floors and ample wide spaces make them more appealing to the families. For people who have recently moved to UAE and are looking for luxury apartments, these residential towers are a blessing as they offer wholesome family packages which includes play area, gyms and pools. 

Rooftop club rooms and free Wi-Fi in luxury UAE Residential Towers are becoming the talk of the town and with the upheaval of living standards these residential towers are pushing the boundaries of architecture and innovation every day.