Top Restaurants in UAE

There are plenty of restaurants in UAE, each with their own attributes and amenities. Some of the top restaurants in UAE are also regarded as the finest dine-in places in the entire world. 

Items in the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai range from spicy, grilled dishes to saliva-dripping desserts. They offer sapid food all three times of the day. The restaurants master in multiple themes. They have outdoor terraces which are an idyllic spot in the winters, commodious food lounges with adorable seating arrangement, well-crafted flooring, vibrant display board, flavorsome drink bar,  shelves with attractive ornaments and the passion of the chefs is indubitable.

There are several romantic restaurants in UAE too. They have dimly-lit tables which provide couple the privacy they need. In addition, they can enjoy the flavorful food while listening to the soft music. Mesmeric decorations by their sides further add up to the romantic ambience. The UAE restaurants have a diverse range of dishes ranging from galbi, burgers and prawns to steaks, fish and roasted lamb, all of which are brought to the customers; freshly cooked. Many of the restaurants offer exclusive chef-specials which are not only delicious and scrumptious in taste but also exquisite in presentation.