UAE Top 10 Schools

The UAE government has invested abundant resources in setting up the meshwork of fine schools in UAE which has resulted in providing high quality, and modernized education to the residents. 25 percent of the government's resources are devoted for the education sector which has succeeded in  achieving a massive literacy rate of 90 percent. 

For an effective deliverance of education the system has adopted new plans to ensure that students are in line with the modern day needs. Innovative teaching methods to enrich the creativity of the students and equip them with self-learning abilities have been followed. 

Non-monotonous style of delivering daily lectures and other curricular and co-curricular activities have been embraced. Training the teachers in accordance to this new style was a part of the plan, thus various workshops were conducted. In these workshops they were also familiarized with the new technology that is being used to deliver effective education in the modern world. 

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