Membership Application 2016-2017

Applicant Information

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Terms & Condition Declaration by Applicant

I hereby apply for the membership of UAE TOP 10.

I confirm that the information provided is accurate. I understand that the Information I provide necessary for UAE TOP 10 to decide whether or not to approve my application and the UAE TOP 10 may refuse of decline this application in its sole discretion without disclosing any reasons. Failure to provide correct information may prevent application processing process.

I acknowledge the I have read the UAE TOP 10 Membership Agreement online. In its sole discretion the terms and condition therein, together with the terms of this application, will govern my use of the membership. I agree to the UAE TOP 10 membership solely for business purposes only.

I acknowledge that a copy of UAE TOP 10’s notice to members relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the “Notice”) has been provided to me. I understand that the Notice explains how UAE TOP 10 will handles personal information and sets out the purposes for which my personal information will be used, to whom my personal information may be disclosed, summarizes my rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (UAE Act/ Law polices on Privacy) (including my rights to opt-out from the use of my personal information for direct marketing purposes) and gives details of a UAE TOP 10 officer to contact about my personal information. I agree that by applying for membership. I am permitting to UAE TOP 10 to use personal information in accordance with the terms of this application form, the UAE TOP 10 member agreement and the Notice, subject to my specific selections in this application form. I understand that I should make the appropriate selection(s) In this form to opt-put if I do not wish for UAE TOP 10 to use my personal information for marketing purposes.

I authorize UAE TOP 10 to contact any information sources and to obtain, exchange and disclose any information I provided with other information collected about me for verification purpose or to produce more data. UAE TOP 10 may use the result of such comparisons serve as the basis of any actions including action, which may be averse to my interests, for example declining this application.

I authorize UAE TOP 10 to contact any persons or any agencies from time to time as UAE TOP 10 considers necessary or appropriate and to provide, obtain or verify such information about my brand or business’ reputation as UAE TOP 10 may been necessary or desirable for the purposes of opening, operating or managing my account(s) with UAE TOP 10.

I acknowledge and agree that any information provided by me in this application, is at UAE TOP 10’s request, or otherwise collected during the operation of my account(s) with UAE TOP 10 may be disclosed to, or used and retained by: (I) UAE TOP 10 and any third party or agent engaged by UAE TOP 10, to provide services to UAE TOP 10 in its normal course of business for the purposes of operating and performing quantitative assessments on and managing my Membership account(s), subject to obligations of confidentiality and data security. I agree that UAE TOP 10 (and their related companies) may also exchanged my information or information relating to transaction in my account(s), including using it to evaluate, verify & access my eligibility. Such use and transfer to information is necessary to ensure acceptability and efficient provision of membership services.

I understand that I am entitled at any time to request to update of correct information about my Brand/Company.

By signing up these terms and conditions I am allowing UAE TOP 10 to do anything digital and online on my behalf in order to achieve success.